Elbow Gore Seam Maker Saturn-1600

Diameter range, mm 100÷1600 mm
Material thickness, mm 0,4 – 1,5 mm: 0,4 - 1,5 galv. steel & aluminum 0,4 - 1,0 stainless steel 0,4 – 1,25 copper
Max. segment angle 30° (bend 90°/4 segments)
Flanging speed, m/min 0-150 m/min
Speed control smooth
Production time ~ 60 sec (bend Ø200 mm 90° from 4 parts)
Power supply 5kW/400V/50Hz/3 Phase
Pneumatic supply 20 l/min at 6 Bar
Price: on request
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Elbow Gore Seam Maker “Saturn-1600” is designed to form and close the gore seams on elbows and other round fittings.

The machine package includes three pairs of rollers for T-shaped and Z-shaped seams 5 to 10 mm. in size. The simplicity of the design provides reliability. Workplace ergonomics allows you to perform all working operations, standing at one place that increases productivity.

The readjustment of the working modes (“to form a seam” into “to close a seam”) on Saturn-1600 is not required. Lifting and lowering of the table, clamping of the segment, rotating of the rollers – overall elbow maker process is displayed on the joystick that makes the operator's work much easier.

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