Plasma Cutter “Spark”

Rated operational current 65A
Input amps@rated output 32A @380V, 3 PH
Power supply 380/400V
Output Power 6.3 kW
Plasma gas, pressure and consumption 5.2 bar, consumption 189 L/ min
Ingress Protection Rating, IP IP43
Metal thickness, mm. up to 100 mm
Speed, m/min Adjustable, up to 18 m/min
Drive Stepper motor
Weight, kg Above 1000 kg
Table Load Capacity 5000 kg
Warranty 12 months
Price: on request
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The high performance Plasma Cutter “SPARK” is designed for production using metal sheets (air ducts, chimney pipes, smoke exhaust system, road symbols signs, etc.). Plasma cutter allows you to work with ferrous & non-ferrous metals, galvanized and stainless steels (up to 100 mm in thickness). Our plasma cutter is a state-of-the-art solution for perfect and fast cutting in comparison with conventional sawing methods. The SPARK comes standard with Mach 3 Software; the machine is compatible with all major software packages.

Advantage of Plasma Cutter “SPARK”




We leave the choice of the exhausting smoke system to our customers:


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