Snak Spiral duct forming machine

Diameter range, mm 100-1250 (hard heads) 100-1600 (flexible heads)
Duct length, m 0,3 - 12
Strip width, mm 137 mm
Strip thickness, mm 0.4 - 1 mm
Feeding speed, m/min 100 m/min
Main drive motor, kW 15
Inner diameter of coil, mm 400 - 600mm
Outer diameter of coil, mm Up to 1400 mm
Max. coil weight, kg 700
Metal consumption for lock closing, mm 16 - 20
Price: from 2.1 million
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Spiral duct forming machine “SNAK” is designed for professional production of spiral ducts over 12 m. in length,100 - 2000 mm. in diameter, and 0,5 -1,00 mm in wall thickness. They come in galvanized and stainless steel at competitive price. Widely used in HVAC industry, mining, jacketing, etc.

Advantage of the SNAK

Complete units of the SNAK are interchangeable, that means you can work with both flexible forming heads and hard forming heads on the same machine.

Please be noted that the hard forming head complex is to produce a great amount of ducts in the shortest time possible.  It is long-life, reliable and produces ducts of superior quality.

If you need a non-standard diameter, you can order a non-standard flexible forming head from us at lower cost.


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