SCORPION Manual Clinching Press

Weight with tooling 2,6 kg
Maximal clearance between the punch and the matrix 40 mm
Total thickness of joining sheets 3,6 mm – galvanized steel 2,1 mm – stainless steel
Price: on request
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Manual Clinching Press for Cold Welding “SCORPION” is designed to connect metal sheets in-hard-to-reach places in the absence of power supply.

​Main area of application is to install flanges on air ducts both during manufacturing and ventilation installation.

​Light weight (total 2,6 kg with tooling), reliability and easy to use combined with the well-thought-out ergonomics make it an undisputed leader among similar mechanisms.

​Distinctive feature is the mechanism is equipped with quick release stop blocks to work with mounting rails of 20 mm and 30 mm in height.

​Shock-resistant housing and mono construction allow you to transport our clinching press without any special package.

​Designed with an advanced software and a state-of-the art technology, the SCORPION will allow you to produce superior quality products without additional costs on expensive equipment.

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