Manual Rotary Clinching Press PKM-1

Drive type Electrical
Rated watts 1250
Voltage ~ 220VВ 50Hz
Ingress Protection Rating IP 30
Speed, clinch/sec Up to 10
Maximal metal thickness (total) 3 mm
Distance from sheet edge (minimum/maximum), mm 7/20
Minimum distance from the angle of air duct, mm 28
Minimum sizes of air duct, mm 80x80
Maximum height of mounting rail, mm up to 35 mm
Weight, kg 9.3
Price: on request
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The PKM-1 is used to install a mounting rail on rectangular air ducts and ventilation elements. A reliable, fast and portable tool is focused on the production of a great quantity of products in the shortest time possible.

Using the PKM-1 at your manufactory, you can reduce the number of workers engaged in the installation of mounting rails. So now, you do not have to spend a plenty of time on flanging-up. There are four punches mounted on a rotary mechanism and each punch has five blades that allow increasing lifetime of tooling by 4x5=20 times! There are two sizes of matrix compatible with any punches. The easy setup clearance between a punch and a matrix (barehanded) allows working with a large thickness range without changing the matrix. Other products: Manual rotary clinching press PKM-1 is designed to permanently connect the metal sheets through plastic deformation.

For comfortable work provided for the stepless speed adjustment and soft start. In the process, "Clinchingmachinegun" is based (slides) on tire (not to keep him on weight – it relieves the operator's hands). Rotary mechanism allows him to move along tire in self-propelled mode.
Another advantage of the technology of rotary clinching – uniform location of clinching points. The same distance between the convex 75 mm gives the guarantee of a secure splice.


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