Automatic fuel line for the production of corrugated spiral metal pipe on the platform SNAK-HERCULES

main drive power 75 kW.

the Maximum feed rate of the strip 28m/min May increase speed by 20% for thickness up to 1.5 mm.

Performance 28*0,592= 16,5 sq. m./min. strip

Maximum design diameter 5 000MM.

Minimum design diameter:

  • strip 592мм - 600mm
  • for 400mm - 300mm strip

the Machine can be set up for coil strip width 725мм (Bay 1500mm in half).

you can Also use the 400mm coil strip (coil 1250mm 3 parts) for pipe with corrugated 68х12мм.

Tested today:

  • Used coil strip width 592мм (Bay 1250mm in half) with a thickness of 2mm. (from domestic raw materials)
  • The corrugations 125*26mm width 498мм (step spiral pipe)
  • 13mm lock.
  • The pipe д800мм. Wrapped in the video were made at 3.8 Hz (reduced maximum)

tests Expected:

  • cutting mechanism - plasma cutter.
  • automatic diameter control systems
  • automatic strip feed control systems
  • reset pipe to storage
  • coolant supply
Price: on request
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Recently, the technology for the installation of culverts have passed several stages of development. Traditional technologies of reinforced concrete pipes with all their disadvantages (heavy weight, inconvenience of transportation, "wet" work on docking), limiting their use, have changed. There were pipes of various plastics. This novelty was devoid of most drawbacks, but the wide spread was prevented by the high cost. After all, to ensure sufficient rigidity and strength of the wall had to thicken significantly, so despite the cellular and porous structure of the weight of the material dictated the high price of the product. And here 4 years ago a new technology superseding all previous: steel pipe manufactured from galvanized sheet steel. To ensure sufficient strength characteristics, the pipe was made with a corrugated wall and a thickness of up to 4 mm. This deprived her of all the shortcomings, leaving the best characteristics: durability, strength, ease, the ability to install at any temperature and affordability. And if we add to that the high production speed and mobility (the ability to manufacture at the facility), we can assume the decline of the era of concrete and plastic culvert channels.

concrete pipes plastic pipe galvanized steel pipes

Comparison of different pipes for the device of culverts

  reinforcedConcrete Plastic   Corrugated
Material reinforcedConcrete Plastic galvanizedsheet
Specificgravity 800% 150% 100%
materialcost 100% 52% 25%
productionMethod dieCasting Extrusion lineWinding
Productiontime 28days 5hours 20minutes
shippingCost,% 12 7 6
possibilityofmanufacturingonsite × ×  
Strength   ×  
Durability ×    
diameterRange,mm 800-2500 300-2000 300-3700
possibilityofangling Difficult    
connectionType Zamonolichivanie welding

Special distribution manufacture of such tubes has been in the United States and China. According to approximate calculations, from 200 to 250 lines produce these products there. Significantly less than production volumes in Russia – only 2 of the machine. But progress does not stand still and our government, realizing the potential of this technology standardized helically corrugated metal pipe with 2014 Now its application is in the projects and volumes of consumption increase. In addition, there are other areas of use of this pipe-garage construction, production of hangars, to create voids in monolithic concrete construction, mine structures, etc.

corrugated spiral twisted tube

Domestic" know-how "from the company NIOBIUM —" SNAK-HERCULES " is not just a machine for the production of spiral-wound pipes, and a universal platform for the implementation of advanced technologies. The uniqueness here is a wide range of production capabilities. The complex allows to produce any diameter and thickness of pipes with a cost much lower than any other similar equipment.

On this platform, the company produces NIOBIUM machine GSTM, designed for the production of corrugated spiral metal pipe (GSMT) according to GOST 32871-2014 by winding tape GOST R 52246-2004. Such pipes are widely used in road construction for installation of culverts under the road embankment.

production of corrugated spiral pipe (GSV) according to GOST 32871-2014 by winding

The line of fuels and lubricants is served by one operator with use of GPM on loading of raw materials and unloading of production. Mode of operation-constant (P). When using the drive, the automatic mode of operation according to the specified program is available. During operation, the line controls the supply of tape on the neckline, stopping the winding in time to connect a new tape. The line is also equipped with coolant level sensor and temperature control sensors. On the same line it is possible to make connections for GTS of bandage type, offering customers a ready solution, but not just a pipe!

The line:

the part of the automated line GSWT

Optionally available:

the part of the automated line the part of the automated line

The price of the line in Russia with commissioning will be 20 000 000 RUB. (the offer is valid until 09.09.2017.)

Specialists of the NIOBIUM company will help you to pick up necessary options and will consult on terms of production.

Do not miss your chance before the profit from the production of pipe not less than 150% !!!


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